A downloadable game

FPS Snowball Fight / Sledge Racing Chaos

One man team here. My first game

Aiming for a release price of 5-10$

Game Modes:

TimeTrial: Multiplayer Time Trial Downhill Race

Capture The Flag: The Classic

Zombie-Tag: When you are hit you become a hunter yourself. Last Man Standing wins the round

Deathmatch: Oh yes!

Team-Deathmatch: With up to 4 Teams


  • SnowGlider (: Choose from 3 different sleds. Each with its own maneuverability (All modes). Your Player will instantly start to slide down the slope he is standing on with accumulating speed(up to more than 100mph) The Sled is your weapon, your getaway vehicle and your greatest threat.
  • Player Customization (Model, Stats, Sled ). Many possibilities to customize playermodel + the possibility to change some gameplay relevant player stats to fit gameplay to your personal playstyle. Currently: MaxThrowingPower, MaxSpeed, MaxStamina(maybe they will change but definetely more to come..depending on what you players want ). The three stats are interconnected so that you have to choose between them.
  • Switch between First-Person and ThirdPerson at any time during gameplay.
  • Insane snowball Power-Ups: make yellow snow yourself, a snowshovel which can be used as a shield, cardboard boxes for fortification and more.
  • TimeTrial: SnowGlider Race!!! All Players spawn together on top of a large hill in front of the Start. The Player who will be "home" fastest will win. SnowGlider does not have the best steering and can become ridiculously fast ;D Attacking other Players is possible(even while riding your sled!) and Players also get a Respawn button in case they get stuck so each Player has different tries.
  • Maps: Lake, Graveyard ,Treehouses, Schoolyard, Backyards , Parks , Forests, Different Mountains and Hillslides.
  • Various taunts and other animations to continuously irritate your enemies.


  • Trading cards and achievements
  • Even more mind-boggling PickUps!
  • More Customization!
  • Even more game mode variations. i.e: Race | TeamTimeTrial | VIP | Hunt | Schoolyard(You can only throw anything if the teacher turns his back on you). Would love to read some ideas from the community.
  • Hilarious set of VoiceCommands.
  • Different conditions of snow will influence snowball trajectory.
  • Varying weather and daytime on each map. Some already implemented.
  • Global leaderboards for TimeTrial game mode. +more statistics
  • Bots are already implement but still need some work, so: Better bots.

To steadily improve gameplay I will strongly focus on the community feedback.

This is btw the first game I made. All of your feedback is very much apprechiated.

VR and motion control implementation is planned and will be done once I can afford the hardware.


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blue balled

not letting me download on website and itch.io app its not letting me downoad

Search Google dirve,in Google drive's shearch bar enter snowballed,download the file,done.

Can you also tell me why isn't letting me move the mouse?

i cant move the camera with the mouse

Same,idk why.

hello i cant move the camera isn't with the mouse ?

Same,idk why.


Download is not working for me.



It seems to be hosted on google drive, and so my browser was blocking it. (idk why though, I'm fairly sure itch.io has free hosting for files)

Hi there! Loving this game so far, but when you release it willI have to pay to download it?